Bird food for people™

Carolina Wren, foraging on snow, winter, backyard, Sterling, CT @Townsend P. Dickinson All Rights Reserved.

Here’s a new fun feature called “Bird Food (For People™)”. If you must know, we are birders and spend time on the go in search of birds. Think about it. How many times, when you are out and about, have you said, to yourself or fellow travelers, that you are hungry, its time to eat? But, since you are out and about, and may be in an unfamiliar area on short notice, you may have no idea where to go and how to tell the good from the mediocre. We have faced the same dilemma a number of times, and we know what we need is bird food. Good and nearby are among the key criteria for Bird Food.

Whether you are a birder, photographer, adventurer or traveler, the food question is likely to come up three times a day. So bookmark this Bird Food section on your smartphone, iPad & home computer to check to see if we can recommend a place for bird eats.

Bird food (for people) will recommend a new place to eat periodically based on our first hand research. We will share a menu, some of our favorite items, and the location information that brought us here in the first place through brief text entries and grabbed iPhone photos.  Additions will be on occasion as the mood strikes and travel dictates. These will be places that we have tried and would be glad to go back to. Some are places for pickup and run food, others are worthy of a longer visit. You be the judge and let me know by leaving a comment on your experience. We hope you enjoy this segment. Lets eat!


12/2/13 ~ Hadlyme Country Market: 

8/31/13 ~ Old Blue Bird Inn:

3/3/12 ~Bodega Taco Bar:

7/30/11 ~ Super Duper Weenie:™/

8/12/11 ~ Pagano’s:™-paganos/

11/10/11 ~ Speedy Donuts:


12/26/14 ~ Finz Seafood & Grill: 76 Wharf Street (Pickering Wharf) Salem, MA 01970. 978 -744-8485. 

10/09/12 ~ Amber Road Cafe:

NW Ohio: Near Magee Marsh, Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Maumee Bay Lodge.

5/04/12 ~ Curtice HY FLASH: Cash only. Breakfast 4am -11am. 

5/08/13 ~ Blackberry Corner Tavern: Homemade Pies. Credit & Cash. 5975 N. Elliston Road MartinOH 43445 419-836-8377

5/09/13 ~ Seoul Gardens Chinese:  Cash Only. 

5/11/13 ~ Eagles Nest Sweet Retreat Credit & Cash. Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor and Eatery.

5/12/13 ~ Kozy Corners: 501 West Oak Street, Oak Harbor, OH 43449-1233. 419-898-2593. Cash Only.



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